This 200 acre property is just outside the Athens City Limits.  There are ridges, coves, points and stream bottoms.  The wooded areas have lots of oaks. 


This lease is a little different.  You and up to 4 buddies can lease it from October 25th, 2014 through November 15, 2014, for $2500.00.


The Muzzle Loader season is proposed for January 2nd through 5th, 2015.  Four hunters can lease it for $1500.00.

Most of the open fields on this property are growing heavy weeds and light brush and it has good deer sign.  And you know any deer using it are going to travel through the wooded strips.  The property is in Jackson county and totals 136 acres.  Up to three hunters can lease it for  the new price of $1800.00.  this may be the bargain sleeper property you have been looking for.  Somebody is missing the boat on this property.  I’ll lease it to you for $1500.00!

This 40 acre property is in Athens County.  It has good access and would be a nice lease for a couple or a parent and child to hunt.  Up to two hunters can lease it for all of this fall’s deer season and the 2015 spring turkey season for $1700.00.

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