Available Hunts for 2020-21 seasons

Managed Hunts are available as an alternative to annual contracts 

You and your group will have exclusive access to the property while you are there.  We limit hunter numbers and rest Managed Hunt properties for at least a week between hunts.   Most Managed Hunt properties are only booked for 2 to 4 hunts a season, depending upon the number of hunters on each hunt.

Managed Hunts start on Saturdays or Sundays and run for six consecutive days.


We provide information about lodging options, deer processing, shopping, dining and other information.


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  This property  totals 250 acres and you get to hunt it your way; I won’t tell you where to hunt, when to hunt or tell you can’t change locations.  I will sell only three hunts on the property for the 2020-21 seasons .  I have a gun hunt available ( Nov. 30—Dec. 6, 2020) and during the  muzzle loader season.  The dates will be set this spring but are likely to be 9—12, 2021.


You can bring your ATV to move stands in and out and to haul deer.  Price includes hunting and lodging in the cabin below.  It sits right on the property.  You can literally walk out the door to hunt.


Price is for up to 4 hunters, no reduction for fewer hunters


Gun hunt: 7 night lodging and 7 days hunting.



Muzzle Loader: 4 nights lodging and 4 days hunting                                                  $3140.00

This  property is located in Hocking County near Logan.  It totals 82 acres of excellent deer cover with good access on a well maintained trail system.  The landowners only wants to allow only two bow hunts for the entire season and a muzzle loader hunt in January.  The deer in the photo below was killed on the adjacent property.


All hunts are priced fro 2 to 4 hunters per hunter.


The landowners have a fully equipped apartment available for renting on the property. 

Early bow season; opening day through 23, 2020 for six days.

All hunts sold

Pre rut and rut bow

Oct 24 — Nov. 21, 2020 for six days

All hunts sold

Muzzle loader season

Date in early Jan. 2021 will be set in spring 2020.

All hunts sold