Why Lease Your Land to Hunters?

Many of my landowners tell me they would at least like to pay for the property taxes if they lease their property to hunters.† In most cases I can do that for you and in many cases you can make more than that!

I grew up on a working family farm in Monroe County and I have worked with landowners and hunters for most of my life.† With my system you are not allowing unlimited numbers of hunters on your property and you donít have to change how you use your property.

Most of my hunting clients are bow hunters first, gun hunting only if they donít fill their tag in bow season.

With my system you will always earn more income† from your land than I do.† My system is sustainable for as long as you want to lease your land and you will always know how many hunters can hunt on your property.†† You will have contact information for each hunter.† They cannot bring other hunters, friends or relatives to your property.†


I am not a big business.† I only operate in a few southeastern Ohio counties and I work hard to keep you happy when you lease your property to my hunters.†


Hunters who pay to hunt treat the land with respect because they want to come back year after year.


Leasing your property often reduces problems such as people hunting without permission and trespassing, and does not interfere with other land use activities.


I will† meet with you to evaluate your property for hunting,† discuss hunting options and make recommendations.† If you decide to lease your land to hunters,† I pay for all advertising, market your property,† meet with hunters to show them your property and provide you with written proof of liability insurance that covers your property.† I work with you to establish hunting rules specific to your property.

I will not pressure you to lease your property.† I will explain my program and give you all the time you want to decide if you want to try a hunting lease on your property.†

I can give you landowner references


††††† †††

HuntDeerInOhio, LLC

†† ďBringing Hunters and Landowners togetherĒ

Contact Jerry Meyer at†† gemeyer45761@yahoo.com


Call 740-517-4077

If you are a landowner and have ever considered leasing your land to hunters in the past, the demand for leases has been as high as I have seen it in the last ten years.† I own 76 acres in Athens County and the expenses for owning property keep going up and up.† I have many landowners who are happy with the services I provide.† Just call me at the above number and Iíll be glad to answer any of your questions.†

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