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Managed Hunts


Another good Ohio deer hunting option, these hunts are available on properties where the landowner wants to limit hunting pressure.   The “Managed” part of these properties is the hunting pressure.  Depending upon what seasons are available on these properties, they are hunted a maximum of 2 to 4 time per year depending upon the number of hunters per hunt.  Click on “Managed Hunts” to see what we have available.



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Location: North central Coshocton County


Acreage: 175


Description: Property has a good mix of crops and wooded areas.  Coshocton County is one of the top counties in the state for deer numbers and trophy bucks.


 Number of Hunters/ Price: Up to 6 hunters can get an annual contract for $7875.00

Location; Meigs County


Acreage:  40


Description:  The property  at left totals 85 acres but the landowner just wants to make the 40 acres on the right side of Long Hollow Rd.  I have taken a couple of walks on the property to mark the lines and found good deer sign and good buck sign. 


Number of Hunters/Price:  Two hunters can get an annual lease for $1300.00.


Jackson County


Acreage: 121   (240 was incorrect)


Description: The in the lower central part of the property is a swampy/wet area.  You can put a camper on the property from early September through the end of seer season.


 Number of Hunters/ Price: Up to 4 hunters can get an annual contract for $3800.00

The buck at left was killed on this property a few years ago.  The buck at right was found dead on the property in 2016.

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